Visharada Vimuktha Adhikari BPA



Visharad Vimuktha Adikari is an alumnus of Kalabhumi and represents the 3rd generation of resource personnel at Kalabhumi.

She studied North Indian Classical Music under Manjula Seneviratne at Kalabhumi and went on to earn the degree of Visharada in North Indian Classical Music from the Bhatkhande Sangeet Vidyapeit of Lucknow, India.

Meanwhile she entered the University of Visual and Performing Arts and earned the degree of Bachelor of Performing Arts from the Department of Musicology of the University.

She served as the teacher in Eastern Music at Highlands College, Maharagama. She conducts the syllabus classes at Kalabhumi which prepares students for the subject of oriental music in the G.C.E. ordinary level and advanced level examinations.

Vimuktha has conducted research on ‘Music Education for Visually Impaired Students’ during her undergraduate programme and her research interests continue to lie in that area.