Sashtrapathi Sangeet Nipun Hemal Wahalathanthri


Mr. Hemal Wahalathanthri is a distinguished student of 'Kalabhumi' who joined the staff representing the 3rd generation of resource personnel at 'Kalabhumi'. He learnt North Indian Classical Music from Ms. Manjula Seneviratne to secure the degree of Sangeet Visharad from Bhatkhande Sangeet Vidyapeit, India. He also had the tutelge of Mr. Nalin Alwis, Mr. Ananda Weerasiri, Mr. Lakshman Wijesekara, and Mr.Sanath Peiris.

Mr. Wahalathanthri proceeded to India for higher studies in North Indian Classical Music at Bhatkhande Music University, Lucknow and obtained the Bachelors and Masters degrees in North Indian Classical Music. He also obtained the degree of Nipun from Bhatkhande Sangeet Vidyapeit, Lucknow.

Upon his return, he joined 'Kalabhumi' as a teacher in North Indian Classical Music. He teaches students to prepare for the degrees of Visharad and Nipun.

Mr. Wahalathanthri is a vocalist in the State Music Troupe of the Department of Cultural Affairs. At the State Music Awards of 2015, Mr. Wahalathanthri was presented with the award for the prime singining in North Indian Classical Music.