Lakshman Wijesekara


Mr. Lakshman Wijesekara studied music at the Institute of Fine Arts and started his career in music as a school teacher. During the same time he made his debut as a super grade singer at the Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation and his unique singing style made him very popular among the listeners.

In addition to being a renowned singer, Mr. Wijesekara also was a versatile musician and dramatist.

His multiple talents soon made him to be involved in a multitude of creative activities.  His memorable performance as the host of the children's musical programme “Gayana” aired by the Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation during the late eighties brought out his versatility as a singer, musician and teacher. He also made his mark as a music director. 

The  musical teledrama “Rekha” where Mr. Wijesekara played the lead role became a landmark in the Sri Lankan teledrama and music scenes. His involvement in the teledrama industry increased and he became a much sought after actor, singer  and music director . His music scores in the teledramas “Bumuthurunu”, “Mawakage Geethaya” and “Swarna Thisaravi” have made a lasting impression. With his vast experience  and gift of creativity he went on to become a teledrama producer himself.

His busy schedule caused him to give up his teaching career prematurely which amounted to a great loss to the student population. This loss was somewhat remedied when he became a founder director of “Kalabhumi” which he continues to nurture.